Fuel Tips

Fuel Use and Storage Recommendations:


We recommend you purchase high quality straight gas with no Ethanol when possible. Only purchase quantities that will be used within 30-45 days. After that time, all fuel will begin to degrade, losing volatility and developing deposits, that will possibly affect the operation of the unit.


Almost all modern engines must be certified to operate on gasoline containing up to 10% Ethanol. While it is true that they will generally perform OK on Ethanol blended fuel, its chemical properties make it less than desirable in a small engine application. The primary concern is water absorption into the fuel. Ethanol readily absorbs water while gasoline will not. Once a certain percentage of water has been absorbed by the Ethanol it begins to separate out of the gas. That separation is one of the major contributors to fuel system corrosion and damage.

A good practice when buying fuel for your small engine equipment is to first put 3-5 gallons in your vehicle. That will help prevent any residual ethanol blended fuel trapped in the pump from being introduced in your fuel can.


Always store fuel in a tightly sealed, approved fuel container. It should be stored in as stable environment as possible (avoid drastic changes in temperature as much as possible as this encourages condensation and speeds degradation of the fuel.) Also avoid direct sunlight.

Although many manufacturers suggest the use of fuel stabilizers, we generally do not recommend them. It is often difficult to get the proper ratio when mixing with small quantities of fuel. We have found that if it is blended too strong it can cause more harm than it prevents.


Alternatives to Pump Gas:

In the past few years, many of the leading small engine manufacturers have begun producing their own "Canned Fuel." This fuel is highly refined to minimize impurities that lead to rapid fuel degradation. Many of the manufacturers specify that properly stored their fuel can last up to almost 10 years in an unopened container or 2 years once opened.


These fuels are available as straight gas for 4-cycle engines or pre-mixed for 2-cycle engines.

We especially recommend the "Canned Fuel" for equipment that is used less often, such as chainsaws.

Additional manufacturers recommendations can be found at the following places: