Preparing for Winter Use - Tractor Mounted Attachments

How To Prepare your Tractor Mounted Snow Attachments:

Check the WEAR PARTS:

The wear parts protect the more expensive framework of your attachments. It's best to inspect these before the season and during the season.

John Deere tractor mounted front blades and snow throwers/blowers have a scraper bar and skid shoes.


Buy fresh fuel as late as possible to make sure you're buying winter blended fuel.

Gasoline: For best results purchase regular gasoline (no ethanol) with a minimum of 87 octane. Tip: At the gas station there may still be fuel in the lines from the previous customer. To ensure you're getting non ethanol fuel, pump 4-5 gallons in your car first and then fill up your gas can.

Diesel: For best results use JOHN DEERE FUEL-PROTECT DIESEL FUEL CONDITIONER in the winter.

Buy small amounts, enough for 30 days. Tip: We can dispose of your old fuel. Bring it in anytime we're open.

Test RUN THE MACHINE before the season:

Start the engine, engage the auger, rotate the chute, raise/lower/angle the implement, check the hydraulic oil, etc. Tip: It's best to do this in early October in case anything needs to get repaired.